United Instruments of LUCILIN

アンサンブル | ensemble



—伊藤 制子(オン★ステージ新聞)

子ども向け「チュール君と影」日本ツアー/細川俊夫「大鴉」再演/フィリップ・マヌリ「Kein Licht」世界初演&再演に演奏団体として参加/パスカル・デュサパン子ども向け「Momo」ルクセンブルク初演など、コンサートだけではなく、子ども劇場や舞台作品など活発に活動を展開している。

アンサンブル・ルシリンと、高名な作曲家マルティン・マタロン、パントマイムグループBODECKER & NEANDERが、音楽と詩の世界へ皆様をお誘いします。目と耳で楽しむ、サプライズと魅力いっぱいの企画です。

The ensemble for contemporary music "United Instruments of LUCILIN" was founded in 1999 by a group of passionate luxembourgish musicians. It's the first Chamber music ensemble in Luxembourg dedicated to the promotion and creation of works from the 20th an 21st century.
The heart of LUCILIN consists of string quartet, flute, saxophone, piano and percussion, while wind and other instruments are invited according to the size of the projects.
With 20 to 30 concerts a year, Lucillin performs in Luxembourg and around the world. It has established a reputation for acclaimed and sometimes unusual performances and for encouraging listeners to connect with the music and its context with the aim to touch the audience also in an intellectual, spiritual and visual way.
More than an Ensemble, LUCILIN is a creation platform gathering interpreters, composers and artists of every board. its aesthetic horizon covers all fields of contemporary creation, from the Second Vienna School to the american minimalists, new generation and also improvised and electronic music
Lucilin works in close collaboration with the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg for Opera and Music theater projects. Together they produced Toshio Hosokawa’s « the Raven » (with Charlotte Hellekant) and soon Brice Pauset’s opera « Wonderful Deluxe » with Dominique Visse (Premiere Mai 2016).

The Ensemble also commissions and premiere works by among others Luca Francesconi, Donnacha Dennehy, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Marcel Reuter, Michael Riessler, Yan Maresz, Martin Matalon, CS Mahnkopf, Toshio Hosokawa and Mauro Lanza. Further compositions are commissioned to Arturo Fuentes (fiction concert), Brice Pauset (monodrama for choir and chamber ensemble), Albena Petrovich (instrumental opera), Alexander Schubert (concert stage), Marius Felix Lange and Philippe Manoury (chamber opera). All these are clear examples of the creative versatility that surrounds LUCILIN.


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