Masanori Oishi

サクソフォン | saxophone



東京芸術大学大学院修了後渡仏しパリ国立高等音楽院に入学。サクソフォン科、室内楽科、即興演奏科を全て最優秀の成績で卒業後、さらに大学院課程室内楽科を修了。文化庁派遣芸術家海外研修員として研鑽を積む。アムステルダム音楽院での短期留学を経てフランスでのコンクール入賞後2008年に日本に帰国。東京オペラシティ B→Cでデビューし朝日新聞などの批評欄で高い評価を得た。その後はサントリーサマーフェスティバル、東京オペラシティコンポージアムなどにソリストとして出演した他、故ピナ・バウシュプロデュースの国際ダンスフェスティバルNRW2008(ドイツ)の招待出演、NHK-BS「クラシック倶楽部」でスタジオリサイタルを収録、放映されるなど幅広く活動している。2014年東京現音計画メンバーとして第13回佐治敬三賞を受賞。現在、東京芸術大学、洗足学園大学、東邦音楽大学非常勤講師。

After graduating from The Tokyo National University of Fine Arts undergraduate and graduate courses, Masanori Oishi entered the Conservatoire de Paris in 2001 and was given a Ministry of Culture overseas research grant from 2002 until 2004. While in France, he received prizes in the domestic competition U.F.A.M. in the Solo and Chamber Music Divisions. In 2004, he studied in Amsterdam. The following year, he participated in “A Special Concert by the Performers of Tomorrow,” sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. He also performed with the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2005, he graduated with top honours both in the Saxophone Division and the Chamber Music Division as well as the Improvisation Division in 2006. He next completed the Conservatoire de Paris 3rd Division Chamber Music Course (saxophone quartet) in 2007. He has received support from the Yasuda Seimei Quality of Life Foundation and the Mayer Foundation. As a soloist as well as a member of a quartet (OSMOSE), Mr. Oishi has energetically performed both classical and contemporary music; he has also introduced new compositions by young composers. His participation in various music festivals includes the Oundle International Festival (England), and the Davos International Music Festival (Switzerland). In addition to his European performances, he has performed in other countries, such as Japan, Nigeria, Niger and China.


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