Shunsuke Matsuo

クラシックギター | guitar




1979年京都生まれ。パリ国立高等音楽院ギター科を首席で卒業。東京国際ギターコンクールやアントニー国際ギターコンクール(仏)など内外で受賞歴を持つ。NHK-FM名曲リサイタル、ベオグラード国際ギターアートフェスティバル(セルビア)、サラエボの冬(ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ)、ヨンジュ国際ギターフェスティバル(韓国)、東京オペラシティ B→Cなど多彩な演奏活動を展開している。CDは、古楽と現代音楽の「VarieⅠ」マヌエル・マリア・ポンセの作品集としてセカンドアルバム「Varie4/Ponce Guitar Works」、「ギターが奏でるバッハの世界」があり、いずれも芸術誌において特選盤に選ばれる。平成24年/25年度地域創造登録アーチスト。

Born in 1979 in Kyoto, Shunsuke Matsuo won many guitar competitions in Japan including International Tokyo Guitar Competition(3rd prize), Japan Guitar Competition and others. He went to Paris to study at the Paris Concervatory, and graduated with premiere in 2003, and its chamber music department in 2004. Recent awards include the 3rd prize at the Antony International Guitar Competition, first prize at the Shonai International Guitar Festival with Oscar Ghiglia Award. He plays in many guitar festivals such as Hakuju, Miyama, Belglad International Guitar Art Festival, International Festival "Sarajevo Winter", Yeong-ju International Festival in Korea and others. He has been invited to play a solo recital in Tokyo Opera City’s B to C series, and plays world premieres, in duos with leading guitarists, chamber music and orchestral concerts. His made his CD debut with “Varie” in 2005. “Varie 4/Ponce Guitar Works” is his 2nd CD which was selected as one of the best CDs in 2008.


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